Can i fight my own case ?

Respected Sir, In March 2014 my friend filed a case against me under sec 138 ni. in this case i had taken a cash loan 50000 with 10% rate of interest. i paid 4 months interest and he is my friend that's why i had given one my signed blank cheque him as a security. only i made a mistake that i signed only. no amt and name i had written on that cheque as a security purpose only but he misused my cheque & written the amt of 200000. & deposited his bank, the cheque was bounce . last 2 years i running this case but in the main while my advocate asked me to settle this case through medication .but that time my friend demand 135000.its not possible me to give him. then after 4 months gone, i never went court or my advocate. then i got warrant noticed nearest my local police station ,then i went to the court. the Honorable judge given me justice custody . after 2 months i was released on PR bond.the case is not over. my case is going on last stage for cross examin. now i dont have a lawyer. judge suggest me to i myself defense this case or settlement. the cross examine of compliant .sir he dont have any proof to he given me any case loan. not any written .Sir pl gives me the best suggestions that i solve this problem . thanks Pramod