Obligation of government banks towards safety of female employees

Hi, I am new to this forum and I wasn't able to understand where this question will fit in. Please don't mind if I have put it in wrong category. Problem: My wife works in a government bank. As we all now front line customer service people are prone to verbal assaults from customers. My wife had to face an unfortunate event where she was verbally abused by one of the customer. The customer went on to say derogatory words to her in office premise. The behaviour of branch manager and later the bank was not satisfactory. I will put down some bullet points to below. - Branch head asked my wife to forget the incident giving a pretext that these types of customers are in abundant. - Even after hearing that the customer has used swear words to my wife in local language, branch manager kept on denying it to me when asked. He said the customer did not use any swear words. However, the Branch guard and some customers confirmed that swear worlds and lot more was said by the customer. I loged a complaint against the customer that very day. Police took the due action and that man was put to justice in days following the incident. However, the bank played a very shady role in this process. I keep on contacting the human resource and director level people about what the bank will do in this case but to my surprise no one was bothered as if nothing has happened. After 6 months of doing this I am finally fed up and I decided to raise an RTO to understand what are responsibilities of the bank in these situations. To that I got a reply that my RTI doesn't fall under valid RTI because the things asked are like questions to the RTI officer and can't be answered. That was the context in short, missing out some details which might not be required for the question here My question is: - What should I do now? I am not able get through to make bank speak up on this issue. - What are the laws that govern the bank to protect my wife? I can use those laws to start with filing RTI to the bank. Specifically taking our incident as the base. - What should be my next steps? Please give me some expert advice. Thanks Virender