Hello Sir, My name is Venkat from hyderabad. My father have ancestral property of house (500 Sq yards) and 50 Sq yards land purchased by my father in 1997. Both the properties are side by side. In 2011 with my father permission I have started construction of house and completed in 2013 with three floor building with my own money on 50 Sq yards land. I have two elder brother's and one younger sister. Now, one of my brother is asking for share in constructed building. He not even spent one rupee in construction of three floor building but asking for share. I know as per law he is eligible for share in 50 yards land but I have not taken any amount from him in construction of this building. I agreed that I will take 50 sq yards less share in my father ancestral property (500 Sq yards) but he is not agreeing for that that and asking for share in my constructed building. I am taking care of all payments like Water bill, electricity bill, property taxes etc. But last month he suddenly started paying water bill and property tax which out informing to me or to my father after paying also he not even informed us. When I went to departments to make the payment they said already paid. When I asked him why he has paid, he is saying that he have share in that building. Like this he is creating daily issues and problems to me sir. This is creating lot of various issues to me like mental tensions etc. Can you please give me good advice how to over come this problem. Regards, Venkat