Regarding service bond transfer

Sir, presently I am working in NHPC Ltd as Engineer in executive cadre since 5th Dec,2011. When I joined NHPC Ltd I had executed a service bond of 2.5lacs to serve 4 years in NHPC Ltd and which will be expired on 04th Dec,2015. Now I am selected for the post of Manager (Industry) in Punjab National Bank. My application for this post was forwarded through proper channel from NHPC Ltd accordingly I got No Objection Certificate also. While forwarding my application and in NOC it was clearly mentioned that In case the applicant selected for the post of Manager, the PNB have to take a fresh bond from applicant to serve the PNB for the balance period of Service bond i.e. up to 04.12.2015. After that even though repeated requests to HR Dept,PNB to accept to take a fresh bond from my self to serve PNB for balance period of bond, the HR Dept,PNB is not accepting to take it. I sent DPE Guidelines (DPE O.M. No. 15(2)/2003-DPE(GM)/GL-57 dated 29th July, 2004), and Govt of India circular 28021/1/84-Estt (C) dated:14.11.84 aslo. Even though they are not accepting to transfer bond, The PNB is having separate bond of 2.0lacs for 3 years. I also agreed to give both bonds. Even though they are not accepting. Now I am in a very desperate condition I cannot pay 2.5lacs to NHPC Ltd and I like to join PNB. I am not understanding what to do. Even though rules are suggesting to take a fresh bond to serve balance period of bond they are not accepting. Please give me suggestions sir. If I apply to WRIT petition, how much time it will take to solve my problem. I am also thinking and doubt that if i do legal process now, they may create problems to me after joining in PNB in keeping this thing in mind. The last date for joining in PNB is 21.10.14. My resignation process is also halted due to this service bond issue. Really frustrated sir. Please help me.