Does drunk and drive case affect US visa or any other country vis

Hi everyone, On sat I was coming back from dinner (No alcohol as I don't have that habit) with my friend and traffic constable stopped me for alcohol test and that showed negative and he took me to his CI and he used another machine which had pipe which was used for all others and on his force I blowed it again and it showed 96 percent and I was shocked and I asked them to check again with new pipe and they did not care and gave a slip which contains my DL info and asked me signed and i tried to explain them and they behaved like they were deaf. Took my bike and duplicate DL. Asked me to come on sun to station or Monday directly to court and pay fine. I tried to explained them for 2 hours that I don't have the habit of drinking but no use. After 2 or 3 hours I left home and tried to call all hospitals and tried to find if they a test to check blood alcohol and no one was available at that time and asked to come in the morning. In the morning I went to Manipal and got my blood alcohol test done and it showed BLOOD ALCOHOL (Enzymatic) <4.0 mg/dl REFERENCE <30: Negative 50-200: Therapy for intoxication 50-200: Therapy for intoxication >200: Potentially Toxic >300: Critical Note: The Reference ranges are as per "The Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988". Tried to showed them the report and ask them to withdraw the case and they trashed the report saying you should have tried in the night not in the morning. Elders who came with me tried to compromise and finally on mon they have taken 4000 saying that it for the fine and they will pay on my behalf me in the court. I got my Bike and They still have my duplicate DL. Now My concern is will it show bad remark when I apply visa to US or any other country or any job. While filling any visa, job or govt form if a question asked if I have ever been convicted by law Should I have to say Yes or no. Please help my to understand my situation after this incident. Thank you for you help.