Non refund of security deposit by landlord

Dear Sir/Madam, I took a house on company's lease for two years w.e.f. 01.12.2011 for a period of two years at a monthly rent of Rs. 32,000/-which was further extended for a period of two years. In the beginning, (though not a lease condition), landlord insisted to deposit Rs. 64,000/- (equivalent to two month's rent) as security deposit (to be refunded on vacating the house) which I paid through a cheque. After staying for 30 months, I vacated the house on 30.05.2014 after my company served one month's notice to the landlord on 24.04.2014 as per the lease agreement. All rent, maintenance, electricity & water charges were paid by me and nothing was outstanding. Landlord took the possession of the house on 30.05.2014 and informed me that security deposit shall be refunded in 2-3 days. But on 4th June'14 the she (landlord) sent a SMS informing me of so many short comings in the house (which actually were not there) and that the repair will be done at my risk and cost. I replied back on 6th June'14 through speed post stating that there is no damage to the house and only normal wear & tear has taken place due to stay for 30 months and requested her to refund the deposit. But neither my deposit was refunded nor there was any response from her. After waiting for a month, I again sent her a letter through speed post on 10th July'14 requesting her to refund the deposit. Now again till date, she has neither refunded the deposit nor there is any response from her side. Kindly advise me what steps can I take in such a situation to get my money back. Kind regards,