Harrashment from society members

Dear Sir/Madam, Let me give you the background. We lived in the respected HSG society past from 10 years. And from past 10 year we are living peacefully not even a single tussle("zagada" or quarrel) in any form with any member of society. Recently the family living next floor directly above my room started creating noises like hitting basket ball/ volley ball on the floor, movements of sofa, etc. at the late night around between 1 Am - 4 AM in the morning. this happened on the regular basis when informed society secretary he told us no such noises coming. We did Police complaint. But policeman told me that it is usual playing in the afternoon. Despite of informing to policeman that these noises are coming at late night, but he continuously told us the same about afternoon. Recently we came to know that sectary and few menbers of society has high influence on Police causing such statements from police. Because of the complaint we generally overheard many times that they will file counter complaint and demand big amount or want the house we are living or may file abuse complaint like sexual assault( "abbru nuksan") etc. Recent development is that I came to know that they had contacted mental hospital to send my mother their as they told every one that mother gone mental(which is not the case in reality). From past few days these people speak loudly for above mentioned actions openly but without naming our family. Request your advice what should we do. Because there may be high possibility of filling the request/application form at mental hospital to send my mother there. Regards, MA