Non Payment of Due salaries

Friends, Please help me understand how to deal the situation below being faced by my friend: 1. My Friend is employed in a Financial IT Consulting firm (Leaving unnamed). 2. On Joining the firm, he/ she was told there are salary delays by 3 months. 3. Few months afterwards the delayed salary was also not given. 4. Then the company decided to give half salary or Rs. 10,000/- whichever is less. 5. Meanwhile many employees started leaving the company with their respective large sums due. 6. The directors do not respond/ are very rude to calls of ex- employees calling for dues. 7. Few employees currently working are not changing jobs cause they feel they will have to forgo of their due amount. 8. Every Month their Salary slip is generated which says amount is credited to bank account which is actually not the case. 9. Ex- Employees have their dues pending for more than a year or two and current employees have dues ranging more than a lakh of Rs each. 10. While the employees continue to be in trouble, directors seem to be in a very comfortable positions. Buying cars, having foreign travels etc. Need help in the following regards: 1. Does Indian Law permits or allow such delays in salary credit? 2. What steps to take to secure oneself against such practice?