Mental Toture

I'v been married to Mr. Anil Rawat on 16 April 2012 & we have a daughter of 3 yrs. Been mentally tortured by my in laws & husband since marriage.Sometime i think to quit this relationship or quit my life. but just bcz of my daughter i could not do so. i have no freedom to watch tv bcz that cost electricity bill. what i'm doing, what i'm having each and everything have a cost.. they shows that they are feeding me. Father in law retired since long back from cbap & everytime threatened me that they will complain in the police against me that their life in danger bcz of me. But i feel unsafe in that house. he provoked his son (my husband) so that he fight or beat me. Once he slap me & i try to call police they snatched my phone. All three mother in law, father in law & husband all shouted on mother try to slap me or threatened me. ask his son to leave me & my child. In laws have to son elder one is settled in bangalore & never come just bcz of his parents rowdy nature. His wife (Elder son) dn't like them & never talk to them. I could not take decision whether i will continue in this relationship or not. As my daughter needs her father..she is just 3 yrs. and it is not possible to leave with inlaws bcz husband nature totally changed in front of inlaws. he only think about his parents. but when parents not around him he his beviour totally changed. he do care for me & my daughter. There are so many things which happens in family day by day. Mother in law never give respect she even call me by my name. She call me as we call our servent .... My concern is this is there is any law which force my husband to leave with me separtely. i dnt want my husband leave his parents in their old age... but want my space my there is any provision in law that husband leave alternate days with parents or wife & daughter.