Wrongful return of the goods

Sir/madam, I am a jobber in kolkata, I made some goods for a company but the company partially returned d goods after 2 months blaming on my late delivery. Where as my claim was that they didn't provide the raw material at the right time and even d provided it was in break ups which hampered my production. And the material provided by them was not upto our industry standard for which I returned there raw product but they return d goods saying to 'chal-o-fy' d good'. All these added to the production delay for which they r blaming me. Now the scene is that they have returned d good partially blaming on the delay on delivery and even asking me to compensate for the raw material of the return goods. All these happen after asking for the payment of my delivered goods. Another thing that to mention is that all there raw material have came on white paper n the return good have on a letterhead... Whereas all our bills are legitimate. So now my question is that is anything can anything be done?