Pre marital peoblem

Sir, My name is sushil.i belongs to state up ,distt kannauj. I m under training officer in army. I have got some problem that i agreed for marriage with a girl who has no father no brother as his father died on duty. So as to help her i agreed on recommendations of my parents then i started talking with her , when i was at lve i took her to lunch and temple to know her better .after talking for 1 month i felt that i m very uncomfortable with her and i thought that after marriage the problem will aggravate so to prevent this i told my parents abt the incident and i denied for marriage , my parents told that we will tell girls parents abt your status of not excepting the girl for marriage .they revealed all the things to girl parents. Now girls parents r forcing and told either u marry or we r going to file case against u on bases of photographs of me and that girl standing with each other. So i want to know will this case affect my carrier and training and also want to know how to prevent my self from this unwilling marriage. Pls sir suggest me the best way to come out of this problem.