My wife is in the custody of her parents

Respected sir, We got married in april 18 2014. As per hindhu marriage act in the temple we have marriage certificate also. That time she was studying. It was a love marriage . Her parents dont know about this. She promised to my parents and me her parents will allow for remarriage . If they didnt allow she will come to my home and stay here. he was studying in bangalore that time. After our marriage she visits my home and stayed wid me for some many days. On dec 29 2015 she went to bangalore and complete her course and she returned to her home. On jan 22 2016 i informed to her parents that we got married already and need ur blessings and approval for our marriage again. Her dad declined this. After one week her dad visited my home and said im not interested in this relationship. U must get seperated legally. Then i call to her and her mom and she promised we will make understand her dad and agree for remarriage after that me and wife talks in phone and chats in whatsapp. On 12th feb 2016 i informed to her mom and her. Im visiting your place for attending a meeting. So i wanna see her. That time she and her declined my request its not good to see now if her dad knows abt it . It will be issue. She didnt visit me. Then i told her on march 8 2016 u must talk wid ur dad. She said i will talk and if he didnt agree i will come with u. She promised me on 20 march i will make a decession for this from 21 onwards im calling her she dont attend my call also her parents. Also she blocked me in her facebook. I have full recordings of the calls we make after her dad visited my home. Also her whatsapp chats. How i can get back my wife. Im sure she was brainwashed by her parents. Please give a valuable advice. Yours faithfully Jubin