Debt Recovery

ABOUT ME:- Myself owning a Language Translation Company with 01-02 Permanent Employee. We works online and translate documents from different Indian & Foreign languages nto different languages with the help of freelancer translators, for eg. (English to Hindi document translation etc.) We have successfully completed the project of translation from ENGLISH to BURMESE, on Dated [deleted]. and have submitted the invoice to client (Publishing Company in Delhi ) via mail on Dated [deleted], after 03 months he asked us to resubmit the invoice on current date which we did on Wed, May 21, 2014 at 11:38 AM. then he cleared only Rs 50000 out of Rs 1,11,137 and asked us to wait he will pay later on for that we have records in our email, He didn't paid us our balance translation fees of Rs 61137.5 And against our full payment amount which he supposed to pay us he deducted TDS even without paid us, that is also showing in FORM 26A S (again this is cheating here as those amount he didn't paid us how he can deduct TDS on that and book as his expense) After several months request and wait he carelessly said that he will not pay our balance as client is not using that translation, Now he is not responding our emails nor attending phone calls. we made Police complaint in local station on 16/09/15 till this date with no result we came to know from the Investigating officer that this case comes under consumer court not in police jurisdiction,He suggested me to file recovery suit or complaint in court as police cannot do anything in this case as per law. we sent emails and couriered hard copy of all conversations and my complaint details to Asst. Commissioner Of Police,Cyber Crime Cell,Eow, Crime Branch, AND Superintendent Of Police,Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, Central Bureau Of Investigation, Still no result received from there as well. We request you to please advice me what is the most effective and possible way by law to get my money as we also paid translators Fee AND we are in huge loss due to this cheating from his end Regards Email-- [deleted]