Opening of corpus fund with wrong bye-laws by the association

I own an apartment in Begumpet, Hyderabad, I have occupied this new flat in 2015 and without the concern of the residents the association which was formed in 2015 registered the association with the registrar along with the bye-laws which had all wrong details (for example: we don't have a swimming pool but was mentioned that it would be maintained properly etc. and likewise many wrong info. has been provided). Without even providing info. of meetings to us about collecting corpus fund the association has decided to collect the money (per RTI act no info. was provided to us if this act is applicable) and with the unregistered bye-laws/ wrong bye-laws info. went and opened an account with IndusInd Bank as one of the tenant was the Zonal Manager at that bank. This was even without the knowledge of the Management of the Bank as this person is the zonal area manager. Now the association members have changed and the Zonal Manager of IndusInd bank having purchased now has become the Secretary and is threatening us to pay the corpus fund. Please advise as to how I can take this issue legally forward and also, let me know if I need to write to IndusInd Bank as well to keep their management and RBI of this kind of fraud by which the corpus fund was opened and also for not providing us any information for any of the activities or decisions that the association members had taken as there were no meeting invites, MOM sent to us on many occasions. Even though we have been paying the maintenance amount well in advance the association members have stopped collecting garbage for almost 20 days from our flat without our knowledge as well as discriminated us like stopping water, not providing info. to us for using the common area (community hall etc.), not providing cleaning of the cellar on purpose, no proper lighting in the cellar etc. as we questioned them as to why they were not providing these services even though we are paying the maintenance on time. On couple of occasions they even abused my kids and more or less we feel so scared/ depressed to even stay in this complex even paying lakhs and lakhs of rupees by purchasing the flat. Finally, they also went to the extent of saying that no action can be taken against them if we approach the court or go legally. Please advise us as to how I can proceed further. Thanks and regards, Shekar