Splitting the property

Hi Team, My Father expired few years back without any will leaving behind me, his wife and daughter. He has one apartment on his name and a land in Janachaitanya housing which was not registered on his name during his death as it was in dispute between the society and some other party but the society passbook clearly had his name on it. The dispute cleared and when I was in a different city, my mother registered the plot on my sisters name without my consent, the society registered the plot and took back the passbook. Now my mother says I do not have full right in the apartment as well as she thinks it belongs to her. I had bought an other plot few years back which is a clear title on my name with the money I had on my name and with some loan from my know people whoes value has appreciated in last few years. My mother is using this as a reason to say that I dont have any right in Janachaitanya plot and also in the apartment. She is also been taking the rental income from my plot and apartment from many years. Further i was transferring most of my salary via online transfer to her account for years and when I ask her about this money, she says it is all spent. Can you please tell me how I can legally claim my rightful share in the Janachaitanya plot that is registered in my sisters name without my consent and also in the apartment. I am not sure if I can get back the money I transferred to her account and also the rental income but want to get the rightful share in my fathers property that is the plot in Janachaitanya and the apartment. All property mentioned here are in Hyderabad and I live in Bangalore from past few years. Please help!