Payment Mode for Corporate company.

My son was working in a Call Centre as manager and resigned . The BPO is a pvt Indian limited company providing service to a foreign company. The company has made a severance agreement already with him to pay him 3 equivalent salary if he can give 21 days in addition to his actual notice period stated in his employee handbook, to needed to find another manager. This has been agreed and he served another 21 days. Now the company says the foreign company can pay him directly later , as an off record. the Indian company paid him salary and everything from the company bank account to date. The Director says him not to press any charges and he can pay later through the foreign company as they are running out of budget and agreed expenses limit now. I am wondering if there would be legal trap in this later? Can the foreign company pay on behalf of the Indian company when my son has agreement with the Indian company and holds SB account in same bank as the Indian company through which money was always transferred.