Domestic violence

Hi,my in laws don't like me fro first day of my marriage.they have routine to throw me out during fights and then reconcile with huge demands.i live there almost 7 months and they took money from me to pay installment for there day during fight my husband move out with me and my daughter from there to govt.accommodation under my name.but this was a game.he fight with me there all time and was daily go to his parents day he left me and my daughter to his.parents house during fight and said that I beat from 3 years he is with them.they refused to reconcile and demand divorce.they don't allow me to enter there house and ask huge demands e.g to gave all salary to husband.i am from reserve category and it was love marriage and they now always abuse me.they was abused me that I have daughter and do not take her responsibility.from three years I am taking care of my daughter.but convent school ask for his Dada.i am In trouble.what can I do.i.don't want divorce .but I want to live with my husband because of my daughter.does there any law to move into in laws house.i am in govt. Service and want to live secure there without any demands.