I live near a school which does not have a playground of it's own. The children congregate in an adjoining property near my house which is a source of disturbance due to their playing and the noise created. The boys urinate near the boundary wall of my property and also litter the place. I have informed the school authorities but it has fallen on deaf ears. I have several questions related to this issue : A) just as the school has a right to exist, don't we have the right to live peacefully? We are retirees and additionally my wife has a major illness. We would like this to stop. Can you advise? B) is there a law that a school must compulsorily have recreational facilities for it's students? C) is there a law that schools should not be around a residential neighborhood? If so what should be the distance from the neighborhood? D) The students have thrown chewing gum, bread, chocolate wrappers and coconut shells inside our property out of retaliation for my having complained to the school authorities.