Need legal help please

I need some help in this , I am a freelance writer, my name is pranav kumar, please go through, I am sure, you will get an idea of the story ______________________________________________________________________ Copy to: Articlesnatch Robert Ridgeway Exaalgia Okay, this is the second time, I am writing in to you. I was asked by, an Indian based SEO, web designing company to write 28 pieces of content each for Ridgewaymechanical, and Atlanta waterlines. That’s a total of 56 pieces, 20 blogs, 20 articles and 16 pieces, published on various sites like yours. I patiently waited for about a month after submitting the articles to the client, also sent them an invoice up on their request. On 31st of July the SEO company, sent me this email to my dismay and shock Monika Deharwal Jul 31 (2 days ago) to me Hello Pranav, This is to inform you that our client has declined the content for Atlanta water Line & Ridgeway mechanical. He cancels both of the projects due to the poor quality of content. So please tell me how can I pay you and allocate the work for the next time. As we pay you more than our other content writers and still they provide us better quality of content. Regards, Monika Daharwal See below for email ids, etc Now, this has made me mad, and I used harsh words to get my money, cause I was sure this is a fraud, I could not have been nice any longer, if this shit is thrown at my face after a 30 long waiting period. Strangely the company, which surely knows that they are trying to cheat and fraud me, threatens to take legal action, the company’s director, sends me this email. Satish Singh Jul 31 (2 days ago) to me Hello, Just checked your mail, and the abusing language you used, we have no issues in paying a very small amount. I am sorry to say the way you have written the content was very bad , and was not grammatically correct. Well, he being the middle man and contractor, I wondered how did he cleared the content and sent it for publication if ti was bad, grammatically in correct? And if there were issues what, and where was he jerking off for a month, that he weaves these stories, at the time of making payment? OBVIOUS FRAUD. You sent me the mail like beggar in the beginning to provide you work, we given you chance, but your content quality was more then worst. Well, he says quality of content was worst, which you have published, point to be pondered upon. We are not forced to pay you for a very shit quality of work you people did. Because of your worst quality of work we have lost our clients, and also we need to remove the content written by you. ( oh Really) You are not the only content we are using we have around 7 content writers and all gets payments on time. Monika sent you the mail of releasing the payments because we received the same from client. And for your threatening message of putting us on blacklist forums on linked in and facebook, let me make you very clear i don't care about it ( A social media marketing guy doesn’t care about Facebook black list, wow what a kewl pro) and we are a SEO company and if we will try to do the same for you, you will be nowhere in the industry ( Oh Really). I told Monika to give you one more chance, ( OH really, after loosing clients, and shitty work, you wanted to eat my shit time and again, was it that tasty, yummy to your taste buds, Satish) but after receiving this message, i am sure its impossible. Behave like a gentleman not like STUPID , the word you mentioned about 5 times in your mail which describes you much better then your writing. And for your kind information , if i receive any further abusing mail from you i will take a legal action against you ( Isn’t this funny, a cheater, threatens legal action then goes hiding in a hole, isn’t it the case of The pot calling the kettle black) )and your company. So BEWARE!! -- -Thanks and Regards, Satish Singh President Exaalgia IT Solutions Telephone: (+91) [deleted] Facebook LinkedIn Twitter GPlus Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ,Website Design & Development, Social Media Marketing , Mobile Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Ecommerce & Increasing Your Business Specialists! Now, the great American Robert Ridgeway, replies to these emails, With a S, now this ill educated, illiterate home schooling American must have been thought ONLY a S by his ill educated mother. Ridgeway Mechanical <[deleted]> 12:45 AM (18 hours ago) to me, info, info, Monika, Satish S Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone -------- Original message -------- From: pk rite Date:08/01/2014 2:00 PM (GMT-05:00) To: [deleted],[deleted],Monika Deharwal ,Satish Singh Subject: Fwd: Content Issues S I request you to take appropriate action, help me get my money asap. ========================================================================= Funniest part is this guy, says, by using harsh, or even abusive words, I am commiting cyber crime, but he wont sue me, rather he dares me to sue him for my money, he is due, and he tries to threaten me, by calling me pretending to be a police officer and in soft words asking not to use harsh or abusive words and take legal action for payment. I am a small time writer,struggling to make my ends meet, cant afford to hire lawyer,