Dv case

I got married on 27th Nov 2014. I stayed with my husband in Bengaluru till 13th September 2015.Soon after my marriage my husband started subjecting me to mental torture he use to threaten me always by saying he will divorce me or leave me.2 he tried to kill me by strangulating me and once slapped me.I sis not intend to break my marriage hence was tolerating everything. My in laws also started pressurizing me for dowry. Finally my father met their demands in May but my husband was still not happy about it and started creating scene and then I was informed by my in laws that the reason of his objection was he wanted cash rather than furnitures and other appliances.They were staying in Guwahati and tortured me over calls. In September all the family members came to Bangalore for discussion and we had a heated discussion but ended up in a heated discussion after which I left with my father with my Mother In law's and husbands permission as i had to help my sister to pack things as she was leaving Bangalore. After this my husband and in laws started pressurizing me I was getting some negative vibes from the way they were forcing me hence i and my father requested them to meet outside once and then i will join them. Since they were not ready to meet me out and kept on pressurizing me thinking about my safety I filed a complaint in the police station. My husband and Father in law were called to police station where I was asked if I would like to continue the complaint I said I dont want to continue but want to stay with my husband and want an assurance from them about my safety. then my father was called back again by my in laws to discuss the events. Then they kept on pressurising us to give my husband a month time to stay separately and once he is out of shock i can join him. They also said In this one month we can meet and try to gain trust towards each other. in this 1 month my husband changed his residence and did not close the adresss. Since then I had been asking him to join him but he is not revealing his address and not letting me come down. I had been to the police station once and there they called my husband and advised us to sit and talk and if i decide we can file a 498A against him.All this happened on 08th of Feb. My father has spent almost 20 lakhs in fulfilling their demand for lavish marriage and dowry.My father is a retired person. I am working though. My salary is 18K and My husbands salary is 1.25lacs per month. I have filed a Dv case against him but he has not accepted the notice issued to Him..The notice was served to him in his office address as his residence address is not known.We have asked for an interim maintenance I want to know what happens if he is not accepting the notice after several attempts . Also I want to know what how can we trace him once he changes his job as we are not aware of his residence address. What should be the next step taken by me. How long a DV case takes place to come to a conclusion? Can i expect a interim relief in my case? Can i file a 498A in my hometown in Chattishgarh?