Domestic Violence along with Divorce case filed.

Hello, I am a graduate and my wife is a post graduate. She went to her home within one week of our marriage and used to tell excuses every time I request her to get back home. Her parents asked me to shift my home to her location. I did it for her sake believing that she will be home atleast after that. She stayed there for a week and went again back to her home. I have been patient for years believing that her parents will convince her and explain her the importance of a marital relation, but after 2 and half years of our marriage, I received a Divorce notice from her and it followed a Domestic Violence notice as well after another month. She willingly included my sister and her in-laws in this. Its been around 1 and half year now the case is going on. She mentioned that she is working as an Asst. Professor in an Engg. College and is drawing 21k sal. She also mentioned that I earn 70k per month which is false. She now filed another petition for Interim maintenance. All her allegations are completely false and its me who is patiently waiting for her comeback even after I went through a lot of mental harassment for years now. We both filed our Payslips in the honorable Court. She filed a payslip showing that her monthly income is 21k and mine shows a gross of 43k exclusive of taxes. Is she eligible for an Interim Maintenance? She did file the jewellery bills, catering bills, function hall bills, etc.during our Marriage, as her evidence against me to prove her damages. My Lawyer has filed a Section 9 petition and has given counters to all her petitions. Is she following the correct way? How much time it gonna take approximately for me to get out of this case? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.