Advise related to civil property matter

My Father are 3 brothers, Both my elder uncle has passed away. My 2nd uncle was issue-less his wife also passed away. One of the son of my eldest Uncle mentioned name of my issue less uncle as his father in his certificate and service book. He is claiming that he has been adopted, but there is no adoption document. We came to know that he mentioned my issue less uncle name in his board certificate and service book. He has forcefully acquired all my issue less uncle\'s property. I complained this to his office to correct his fathers name in service book but office denied to do any thing (government department). There is title suite going on but it will take 15-20 years. I need to stop misuse of his board certificate and service book as of now. Can I file writ petition in high court making his office (government) and education board as a party and request to court that till adoption matter is in court please order to declare fathers name in the service book and board certificate NULL and VOID as he using both document as proof of adoption. Will this help till title suit is finalized. As he is misusing both document at different institutions.