I was friendly to my husband 4 years before marriage, and got pregnant on 28.02.14. he forced me to abort the child and promised me marriage only if i abort the child, later in year on 24.12.14 we got married and he told me to keep the marriage secret but i told my parents but his parents was not knowing...we use to stay in our respective homes and we use to meet daily and all was well..when we planned to shift together and his parents came to know..everything changed..he accused me that i forced and threatened him for marriage on gun point where as it was a court marriage i have pictures of the marriage and he kept on meeting me secertly and saying that all will be fine and he will make his parents understand but completion of the year he filed for divorce without and fault of mine... accusation and allegations on my family and me..infact i kept on bearing him for four years, he use to beat me and ask to bring money from my family to buy a house to stay. I have filed a case against him for 498A,376,312 for which his bail was rejected in session court and the appeal in high court in which he was given time to settle the matter but they dint...and then he got bail on 07th March.. now this family is planning to send him abroad, so he can be saved from cases. Please help in the matter as i devastated my life is ruined for no reason.