Cheq bounce

Dear Sir I was using a credit card and there was a default of 40,000.00 rs.Now i am out of job ,so i need six month time to pay,but the bank people is aggressive and nedd it within 1-2 months.So i said i cannot pay. To the bank i have given a cheq of 2600.00 rs long back in 2015 which was bouced. Now they have booked a e-court case on that basis. Last week Saturday i.e on 19th-Mar-2013 two fellow approached and one of them identified as Police and other person remained silent. The person named Manjunath who claimed as Police(who was in civil dress) shown me a Court Summon and told scary consequences ,so being afraid i accepted the letter and signed and after that ,other person told he is from Kotak Bank(but actually he is from a agency hired by kotak Bank).Both are using disrespectful language. And very funny and un-lawful thing is that the agency person name Nagraj has bribed the local constable and approached my place. Later after they left, i went to police station and inquired about the fact,nothing came from court to them.It is a summon copy handed over to agent person and he used the police constable who was not on duty that time by giving him bribe. Dear Sir please suggest me what is the best solution for it Also i want to know does court send summons like this using local constable without any proof?