Regarding divorce

I had done love marriage in 2010 against my family. Things were not good from the start. He use to torture me emotionally, physically. After 3 years, we had a baby girl in 2013. From the same tym he got involved in an affair, wen I came to kW, about the affair I left home and shifted to a hostel alone on 8-6-14 and searched a small job in Varanasi itself. He kept the baby. Since sep14 we again started talking. At that tym he was in contact of that girl. I tried yo convince him lot but he deny every time. He through his emotional tac tics prepared me for divorce at mutual consent. I got ready, and our first hearing held at 21may 15. after that our contacts ended till august15. In Aug 15 his father died. Then in sep15 he gain contacted me, and said that he is sorry for his guilts NAD requested me to come back. That girl ditched him after his father's death. I gave him second chance on the ground ofy daughter. But again the things were not working out. He again started abusive language, physically hurt me. He forcefully shifted me to Bangalore to his sisters house. In starting the things were OK. In VNS he promised me that I can do job .but here no one is interested on my career. I feel suffocating between these people. I want divorce. I don't want to live with this guy. Please help me.