Land Acquisition case

Hi , Our land was acquired by Bangalore development authority BDA in 90's .It is ancestral properties .We filed two cases in 1996 for two diff land survey no's and we were awarded some amount as compensation in the year 2008 for both of our acquired lands. We hav not yet claimed the compensation as the amount granted as compensation is very less compared to the loss caused to us due to acquisition of our land. And also the BDA has already made roads n sites n sold few of them in one of the land , though v r yet to collect our compensation. And another land has not been developed except they hav put some fencing , no raods or sites has been done in this land . I hav heard that there is a rule to giv sites along with the compensation amount for the lost lands. Now my query is can we get sites also along with compensation amount or is it jus the amount v shud claim ? Is there any other ways that I need to approach to get maximum benefits? Can we get our land back if its not developed even 20 yrs after acquisition? ( I hav mentioned one of the land is only fenced without any development ) Shud we file another suit ? Though I hav a lot of queries Plz help me . Thanks