Fir under IPC 279 and 337

My wife had an accident with a kid one year back. Though it was not at all her fault as all of a sudden that kid jumped on to the road. he kid got little injured with injury in his foot. She immediately took him to nearest hospital but that hospital referred the kid to other hospital after first aid and then his parents took him to other hospital without telling us. As we did not know the kid and his family so we could not catch up with him. Later we got a notice from police that FIR has been filed against my wife under section IPCs 279 and 337. Police impounded our car for 1 day and released on superdharinama and took the RC and driving license of our car. We have searched for kid’s details in FIR and found him and found him OK and again confirmed later, he became fine after few weeks. From last 1 year, IO saying he is not getting health status report from the hospital. As per IO, treating hospital says report will be given by first aid hospital but the hospital where first aid was given says it will be given by treating hospital. So IO is saying he cannot proceed with the case until health status report has been issued by hospital. It has been more than a year now, shall I believe on IO statement? I don't want to wait for years to continue with this case. What best can be done now to get out of this case as soon as possible? Thanks in advance.