Tenant case

Dear sir, i have house in wakf board property more than 100 years which is came to me as a Property partition between brothers to my grandfather it is reflected in encumbrance certificate also. Later my father constructed 6 shops in front portion of my house for rent. Now what happens is one of the tenant refusing to vacate his shop (he came to my shop on 2009 till now he is there, but only one agreement was signed by my father to him on 2009 with 11 months agreement his agreement completed at 2010 itself) that tenant is now planning to sub let shop to other party who is going to run beauty parlour (actually agreement is like only doing cell phone shop business which was over at 2010 itself). With the help of local politician he his altering my shop without my permission. Am taking photos of altering work carried out by them. On complaining this issue to police they told that we should not interfere in this matter hence it’s a civil. Now my question is 1. Will I win the case 2. Tenant issued one advocate letter to me stating only superstructure belongs to you and land belongs to wakf board and am running shops for more than 20 years hence he is filing caveat petition 3. Tenant belong to rowdy groups (Note: 1. Am not paying rent to wakf board for the past 25 years wakf board has not send any notice till now I approached wakf board mutawali that I will pay rent but he is not giving proper answer 2. Am paying Land Tax and Water tax in my grandfather name till now) Please reply to this issue to my personal mail also sir pls because am afraid that tenant rising wakf board land so that other tenants will do like this means what I can do sir pls slove my problem. am from chennai