whatsup group chat issue

In my office we have 6 friends chat in a group on whatsup,we chat in a group friendly in all manner and we use some rough language also in group chat,one of my office friend,he is also in a group share the chat conversasion to one of my office girl,and missguide her this chat is relataed to her.now she esclateed this to my company HR,and blaimed on us so many reasions like it's a sexualy harashment,mollest etc etc.... But its only her misundersanding,our chat conversasion on whatsup is really not related to her. She alwasy warn us regarding if she want then based on chat conversaion she will do us jobless and through so many warn she torchring me and my friend always,due to this we are very tense from one week,not able to do work also... Please suggest me is whatsup chat is a big issus,can based on it any one can case file,if file what happen? For this concern please suggest me ,when we talk with that guy regarding why share a chat conversasion,he told she theft the whatsup conversasion from his mobile. Please mail me your suggesation on [deleted]