A property tranfer to my single son

Dear Sir, i am from Hindu family and 60+ year old. my question is that my father perches a property in the name of me and my elder brother (jointly) about 45 year ago when i was minor. after then i am living here and all liability are in my name like wealth tax, electricity bill, water bill, maintenance bill. and my brother are never here. now about two year back my father was expired and will all property to my name which are his own name except that property which is co-name. he was not like my brother because he never care about father. father was with me and all treatment and caretaking was done by me till his last moment. Elder bro never came to see him. and me and my brother relation are not good. we never want to see each other. Now i am suffering with a critical disease. and i have not much time so i want to transfer all my property to my son what i get from father. but my question is 1)what about this co-name property, how can i transfer it to my son. 2) how can i transfer my all property which i get from my father to my son now.i have a son and a daughter (married)only.(willed property is all now in my name). Please guide me. i am thankful to you..