Can i file Defamation Suit after taking Anticipatory Bail?

I come from a very reputed background, I'm 23 years of age and preparing for Govt Examinations (Banking Sector) from last 3 years, I'm completely dedicated to my studies. Few months back I introduced my uncle ( Ex Public Servant) to one of my friend's uncle who is into politics as my uncle was keen to join some nationalize party, dats it.This is a story. This was my role. Now I have no idea what happened later, how long was he with the party etc etc, Recently I read a fraud article in a newspaper it was regarding me and my uncle. We- The Duo duped many ppl for 30 lacks for employment in government sectors. I Genuinely have no idea what my uncle did after joining the party,infact after introducing to my friend's uncle,i got busy with my preparation for govt examinations,i had no contact with my uncle and my friend for couple of months. Now police are in search of me and my uncle- As per the article in newspaper. I'm very tensed and panic,i approached one lawyer and he said you'll have to take Anticipatory Bail for section 420 IPC, when told him the entire story, he said we cannot stop anyone filing an false case/FIR, Please advice me, I'm sure there must be some other option,i am innocent and haven't done anything, I've never taken a single penny from anyone. Infact I don't even know the complaint. The complaint have just dragged me made a fake story involving me in that. They have ruined my career, now I can't even apply for any exam. I want to Sue each and every single person lawfully, Please help