Legal advice Multiple Transactions/registrations of the same land

Dear Lawyers, I need you advice in protecting my house from disputes. Recently in 2014 Aug, I’ve purchased a house in outskirts of a big city with LIC home loan.Like this almost 90 families are purchased and occupied the houses and staying here for more than two years now. We have a colony welfare association registered in the corresponding SRO. So far it is good. Two days back, we faced a shocking situation. The facts of the issues are below. The survey numbers of the layout in which we purchased the houses are X/a , X/b ,X/c (3 acre extent).this Layout belongs to person Ravi. Now, some people came to our colony and asked us to vacate the houses saying they are the actual owners of the plots situated in survey number X (3 acre extent) which they purchased 30 years back from a GPA holder Suresh. And they filed a Land grabbing case against the layout owner Ravi and they got the injunction orders from the court and submitted the same in corresponding SRO for not to create any third party interests. The SRO put the survey number X in prohibited properties. After this incidence, when inquired further we came to know, that actual land lord of X survey number has three sons and he along with his two sons done a GPA to a third party Suresh. This third party GPA holder Suresh in turn made the layout and sold the open plots to others and corresponding transaction are registered with the SRO in 1986. After that no one has constructed homes or any structures in that layout for some reason. but all these transaction were not reflected in revenue patta/pahani records. During 1990-91, the three sons of same Land lord of survey number X applied for ROR and they got their respective bifurcation survey numbers as X/a, X/b, X/c , 1 acre each and sold it to the person Ravi with a sale deed in 1998 in the same SRO. This person Ravi applied for mutation of patta passbooks in revenue records and his name is reflecting in all the revenue records. Since then i.e. from 1998 he was in possession and cultivating this land till 2012. Till here there were no objection from anyone and he enjoyed that property. This person Ravi, in 2012 applied for land conversion to use the land for non-agriculture purpose and made a layout in 2012. This layout is approved by LIC housing loans. So some people purchased plots and some purchased constructed houses by taking the loans from LIC and we got all the panchayat approvals like construction permission, house tax and house numbers , electricity bills etc on our names. If we notice here, same 3 acres extent of land has multiple registrations with the survey number X and X/a,X/b,X/c. Still SRO is allowing the registration with survey numbers X/a , X/b, X/c though it put survey number X in prohibited properties. All our colony members are in shock and really depressed with this . Please advice, what is our position here legally. What can we do to protect our homes. We all are from middle class , we don’t want to loose our homes and hard earned money we put in it. Most of the people trust the LIC legal checks and purchased the homes. What will be the role of LIC here? Can we held LIC responsible ?