Seeking Bail u/s 376, 354a, C, D. 506

Hello My 22 years brother stuck in a false case of rape which is filed by his ex-girlfriend. Both of them were in relationship for 2-3 yrs, but when my brother found out that she sent her nude pics to a common male friend, he left her. She was noway ready to leave boy instead wanted to marry him, but then my brother was not happy with her and left her. She threatened him of suicide many times on public places. Atlast my brother forwarded those same nude pics of her to her brother thinking that girl's brother will restrict her. the girl is 20 yrs old. Now my brother is being arrested. It's second 14 days custody. Girl's family approaching us indirectly for compromise as they want money from us. But as we know that girl's character is not clean and so as her mother's. We are waiting for the charge sheet to be presented as we doubt strongly that 2 or more common friends were involved with the girl and must have shared explicit content and pics. Cell phones are being investigated by the police. Please advise what can help us on seeking bail.