Land encroachment

My father had got ownership land by BTAL Act 1948 about 20 guntha in 1976 till about 2010 i am doing farming due to old age now i am not able to do the same in of my relative with help of gundas started harassing me and stop my way to land so i have apporch police, collector, gram panchayet, bdo,S.P for justice by application to grab my land he had started illegal construction on farming land without any permission i have approach TILR to measure the land it was confirm that said structure is in my land now encroachment says that he had possetion of land from 40 year without any evidence in hand so i have approach Tahsildar under crpc 145 and SDO under section 84 BTAL act 1948 here i have not got the justice my application was partially consider but said person was unauthorised in my land only after tahsildar and SDO order without challenging the earlier order went in civil court and file case against me for ownership of land without any document in hand and by false pleading got partial injunction in his favour now what should i do please support me