Rocks near under construction Speed breaker lead to bike accident

Hi, My locality is cut off from the main road. There is hardly any traffic. But a resident constructed a speed breaker in front of his apartment. Probably he has not taken any permission from anyone to construct this. To dry up the newly constructed speed breaker, he surrounded it with rocks. Rocks were as big as 1 feet height and 2 feet width. There is no street light, no warning sign, nothing. During midnight, as I returned to my flat, my bike collided with one of the rocks, kept exactly at the centre of the road. Repairing the bike costed me Rs.11,000. Can I lodge a complain against that person for illegally constructing the speed breaker, or at least for not putting up the warning sign etc?? Or can I send him a legal notice asking to pay my bills, because due to his negligence of not putting up warning signs, I wasn't prepared for such big rocks. Any guidance in this regard would be very helpful. Please note that I was not drunk and my speed was around 50-60kmph. I have two security guards, one of my apartment and one of the culprit's apartment, as my witness, who came rushing to help me when the incident took place. Only my bike has suffered the damages but I didn't, because I stopped my bike as soon as the collision took place. Thanks.