Mentally bothered by husband nature and inlaws

I got married on 6Dec2014 with an asst proff in eng. college. i also do job and give more then half of salary to mother in law.from starting of my marriage my mother in law and sister in law create drama and my husband took all these fake drama seriously and took favour of inlaws. itold him so many times that this is not true,some time he understand but mostly time influence of inlaws was more . sometimes my whole salary was invested in gifts and requirements of f inlaws. my brother in law always shown rudely nature towards me and my family and used abusing words. he always give wrong decision to my husband. my mother in law dont want that i and my husband spend time with each other. she feel jellous with me. and there were lot of restrictions to go my parent home and relatives also. sometimes my husband opposed with in laws but with respect of time. he changed his nature and became neutral towards me through economically and mentally. he did'nt give anytime to me . he generally do argue with me for taking wrong decision which are taken by in-laws. already one debate is happend after 3 month of marriage b/w both of families regarding these issues, then husband promised that this will never happen again, but with respect of time he does works and things what the in-laws are saying. he gave me smart phone on marriage anniversary as a gift, i was very happy, but this phone was used for my recordigs and detectivity regarding what am i talking with my parent and relatives. i want to pass govt. exam for this i leave the job and decided to go my parent home for preparation but husband and in-laws refused for this. i didnt know about recording of call so i decided that in duration of my father eyes operation i will go my parent home and they will take my in-laws but due to call recordings they did a lot of argument with me and abused me and shut the door of my room so that i'cant go any where.after some time brother came then they show very cruel nature with him and used abusing word and thretened him , but i ran away with getting a chance . what should i do because i have compromised already, so this time i want get divorce.