husband denying to come to home and don't tell his whereabouts

a friend of mine is in deep trouble both rishi and payal used to have fights at home .. after some day rishi left his parent house in gurgaon along with payal to live in some other home in manesar. after sometime rishi left home before payal was back from office and never came back. payal went to their gurgaon home and go to know that rishi's parents have left home and rented it out. payal tried to contact them..they told that they have disowned their son and they rarely answer payal's call. rishi once have picked payal's call and told her he will not come back... rishi don't answer payal's calls rishi's uncle koka influenced them to shift to manesar. payal sometimes talk to koka and he is now blaming payal for all and says rishi has life threat from you.. she has done lot of mails to him but no answer and rishi said they can have meeting but he just keep on saying this thing after every 10 days and don't answer calls after that.. payal don't know rishi's/in-laws whereabouts... rishi's office don't let any info about him and say that this their personnel matter. let me know any solution as she is in deep deep trouble