partition problem

Dear Sir, we have a joint property held by mother (schedule A) came thru partition which was happened in 1969 & similarly for our relatives (schedule B). in 1969 there was partition between two of our grand mother's, following are the points related partition. 1)Total land size is 27 * 37 2) after partition, schedule A property details are up stairs full 27 * 37 & in GF on 12 * 12 store 3)for our relative schedule B property details are only 14 * 37 in the GF, remaining size out of 27 * 37 is still remaining. 4) from partition there was no share from the site ( 27 * 37 ) shown to both the parties. 5) our relatives do not have khata & not paid tax to corporation since a long time 6) where as we have khata & tax paid up to date. 7) recently i had applied for the education loan, bank didn't sanction the loan because of no share shown. 6) since education loan is required very urgently within one week (my son got admission to one of US university), what is the quick solution to convince the bank to get loan sanctioned. thanks shashidhar