Tenants creating problem by not vacating

Hello, We have a building on busy commercial main road in a town in a.p. Two particular tenants have been our tenants for very long and my father let out the shops without any agreement. He passed away in 2004 leaving that building to my mother. After the death of my father , my mother noticed that their rent is very low and has not been increased for a lot many years. My mother asked to increase the rent but which was less than the market value in that area. They refused and my mother asked them to vacate if they are not willing to. They filed a case against my mom and we later filed saying that the vaastu of the building is not very fetching to my mom snd we would like to demolish and build again. We won the case in the lower court and they went to the next higher court and they won. The court is now in high court. Its been close to 10 yrs now. One of the tenants passed away recently but his wife and relatives claim they want to continue the case and do not want to give up posesson of the shop. They pay as less as 3000 for a shop that could earn 30000/-. My mother and family are tired of them and waiting to get our building back.