domestic violence & divorce

I got married on feb 2014 I & my husband stayed together only for 1 month as we both were working in different places but now since May we r staying separate from the day of marriage he used to torture me asking for money once I helped him giving 2 lakh after that when I go back to stay with him when he comes home he asks me for the money I earned those days he wanted to know how much gold my parents gave me in which bank locker the gold is kept in whose name it's kept & he wants the gold in his custody he still tortured for money telling that his girlfriend is helping him with money then as a wife what's ur use I strongly believe he has extra marital relationship then on May he phoned & told me I don't need u he wants divorce hearing that I got shocked & mentally I was disturbed as a result I had to go for counseling he did a fraud marriage as he said he was working but he was not working with the firm he told now is into some fake business he & his family used to insult me & my family now I want justice I want him to be punished & go for divorce will I get alimony from him how much can I demand? My health condition is also bad as I have certain gynecology related illness because of which I can't go for work regularly. I'll have to live separate from my parents as I don't want to be a burden for them.I don't work for salary I'm a dentist having a clinic so income will depend on the patients who come so no fixed income