Rental Agreement

Hello Lawyers, I am the landlord of commercial shop. I rented my shop to one party with 2 lakhs as advance and 16000 as monthly rent. He paid me in cash and on very emergency situation i requested him to pay 30000 and i suggested him that instead of paying 16000 as rent, pay 10k for next 5 months ( 6000*5=30000 ). But he refused to take that option. I accepted and insisted him to start all process like painting, interiors etc.. Sudden after 2 days he called me up and said he is not interested to run the shop and asked me to refund the deposit immediately.Here are the main points i want to present before you: Agreement was made and signed by 2 partys for 11 months. In Agreement i mentioned that if tenant vacates the shop before completion of 1 successful year from the date of agreement rs 20k will be deducted from the security deposit. Also mentioned that the tenant should intimate before 3 months in order to vacate the shop or if wanted to move immediately he has to pay 3 months rent and that amount will be deducted from security deposit. This is my issue. I dont want to cheat anybody but just want to know what are the points that is acceptable and the power of rental agreement. Kindly list me out what facts are acceptable and any point is not valid and what step i should take with that tenant thank you