Ending marriage

Dear Lawyer. i got married in 2004.Before marriage I was not aware of my sexuality and was in pure friendship with same sex person.Since i was not emotionally ready to accept the fact of my sexuality I ended the friendship and moved on.We were in contact as friends as the person had moved overseas. My Marriage went through ups and downs,had child in 2007.Problems increased. I move abroad for job in 2011.My same sex friend was also married but got separated (not legally) in 2012. since we both were emotionally connected through the turmoil in our relationships, our feelings for each other revived and we accepted our sexual orientation.(our relationship with our respective spouse had soured for other reason not our sexuality) Being indian with the given set of values it was very difficult for myself to accept the fact. My question is How do i get divorce from my spouse? (I don't want to cheat my spouse but cant come out in open with my sexual orientation) i am away from my spouse since 2011. please suggest.