My husbend mental and dowary harressment

My name is asha .i got married 2 years ago .my husband harresses 3months from marriage with out reasons .after he demands more dowry and forgot your parents,he always scolded me and my parents. i wouldnot talk with my parents for 2months but he is increses haressments.after 6 months of marriage i got pregnency.he is always beaten with out reasons .i got surgery in my 6month because of beating .from marriage onwards he did n't provide basical needs food ,cloths medicine.he didn't expensed even single rupee on me.after 9months i come my home .my parents asks how is ife.i told this parents asked him he acted as on wards he stared mental haressment .after 14months from marriage i got boy.he didn't show affection on husband brothers didnot see my on wards total family scolded and demand for divorce.. now iam living with my parents .he sends notices to me and file case on me with demand of money and properties and divorce give me suggestions i have proofs of call recordings and medical reports of surgery i dont have interst living with him