Sale deed

Location Bangalore karnataka, The layout is formed in Survey number A & B (same land owner), Sy no A is dc converted land and SY no B is approved by Gramathana 26 years back.I am purchasing site is in Sy no B,betterment charges paid for this site 17 years back in municipality board (the site was coming under municipality board at that time)and now comes under BBMP and got bbmp A khata 4 years back. My question is , Can a gramathana site later came under municipality board, if paid betterment can they get A khata even though land is not converted ?Is it a proper way (legal) way to get A khata. one more doubt is that, In the seller sale deed the title flow ( title history )shows only his seller details and sale deed reference but not mentioned all previous sellers details and sale deed references (property changed to 3 hands). Is it sufficient and a correct way to show in sale deed. Now in my sale deed if i show only my seller details and his sale deed reference is it sufficient? or should i mention all previous transactions names and sale deed references.Kindly guide me