Tenant not giving the rent.

Dear Sir/Madam, I have a tenant staying at my apartment since May. Initially they had given one rent in advance and one month deposit. In June, they again paid the rent on time. But now in July they haven't paid the rent. After some attempts, the tenant gave a cheque of rent that was dishonored. Now I am constantly trying to contact him but he seems absconded. I went to my apartment and found it locked. His wife picks the phone and says he is out of town and she doesn't have the money to give nor does she know when will he return. The rent is less than 10K. As per the agreement, the tenant has to vacate the house if two months rent isn't paid or if he tries to evade the rent under the pretext that it will be settled against the deposit. Should I file a police complain for cheque dishonored, not paying the rent and breach of contract? Can this lead to court case or simply the cops can force him to vacate the house since the agreement get terminated if the rent isn't paid for two months. I have the cheque with me and all police verification copies plus original rent agreement. Anticipating your much needed advice. Thank you. Rohit