Change of DoB on my ICSE certificate

my age was increased at the time of admission to my school, based on an affidavit signed by the metropolitan magistrate, in which my father deposed on a five rupees stamp. On the basis of this my dob was registered by my school. This DOB was also recorded in my ICSE certificate. However, my original DOB was registered on my birth certificate. The DOB on my passport,when it was first issued, was taken from my ICSE certificate, that is, my school leaving certificate. But, on the basis of my birth certificate, i submitted a petition ( civil declaration suit ) to a civil court, in my jurisdiction , to issue a directive in the form of a court order from a first class magistrate to change my DOB on my passport since my Birth certificate was issued before my Class 10 pass certificate. On the basis of the court order, i have got the DOB on my passport changed to the DOB of my Birth Certificate. Now, i am in possession of the following documents with the DOB of my Birth Certificate, 1) Passport 2) Voter ID card 3) Adhaar card 4) PAN card 5) Birth Certificate Now I wish to get the DOB on my ICSE certificate changed to the DOB of the above documents, -->My school does not have my Birth certificate but only the affidavit submitted by my father. Can i apply for a change in DOB in my ICSE certificate with the same court order with which i got the DOB on my passport changed ??? What are the possible hurdles which i can expect ????? i would be extremely grateful for your valuable suggestions in this regard. Thanks, Arpit