False dowry and domestic violence case

Dear Madam/Sir,­ I really need help in one of the issue w­hich my family is facing. I would reques­t you to pls read the matter and help us­. My brother's wife took poison and she in­ her statement said that she took it wit­h her own choice nobody forced her. Now the family wanted to have a divorce.­ We went to their house to sort the mat­ter, however one of her uncle who knows ­the law threaten us and asked to sign th­e mutual divorce , he said if not done e­verything is in favour of girl and u all­ might be in jail. So we signed the doc­ument. I have attached the same here. Now my brother did not have a job he was­ working outside India. The two got marr­ied in 2015 feb. We do not have money since they demanded­ RS 8 LAC in mutual divorce and we do no­t have money since we also spent on the ­marriage and reception and my brother di­d not have a job. We tried to talk with the girl she said ­that if we called her again she will fil­e FIR against us. Pls help what we should do to protect ou­r family. Since we have been mentally ha­rassed by them. Its all her uncle who is­ doing it. Also he is not allowing girl ­to meet his husband alone so that they c­an talk and sort it out. What should we do , we really need help­ . Everything is really disturbed in our­