False statements in cross examination

Wife was cross examined. please clear my doubts 1. she said that my medical reports are fabricated and false. i have personally gone and checked up my blood samples urine and semen and produced same report in court. will court consider her statement? moreover she said that she have complained about my impotency to my parents in early days of marriage and i haven't considered her because i am not impotent and false allegation. will my medical reports be sufficient to prove that i am not impotent. if at all during my cross examination can i ask court for unconditional divorce from wife that if complaint is proved wrong ? 2. she again alleged that i was threating with my finger in court. and regarding protection order my counsel asked wether i have threatend her? to which she replied i was calling her and threating her on phone I haven't seen her and not talked to her since dissertion. will this be considered by judge? 3. regarding gold ornaments she said they have 500 g gold and 4kg silver prior marriage this is false during the marriage we have kept 400g gold and 2.5 kg silver as evidence we have our engagement photos only no video proof. the video proof is with the complaint. she is saying that all the items are in our custody this is also false can we really get them back? can we go for tax evasion petition? For filling tep do we need any pan particular s of the person?4. for maintenance she said that she had been in leave for a period and sometime she said that she was been removed from services this is also false. she is currently working and drawing 20,000/pm how to prove this? can i hire private detective for investigation