Can i get my share from my father s salary ?

Iam 16 years old my mother died when i was 4 year old and from then my grand parents (my mom s parents) are taking care of me they are my guardians my father never took my responsibility he never bothered about my education. we used to have good relations but recently because of some family issues he stopped talking to me over phone it is almost 4 and half months he stopped talking to me . i knew my mother died because of him even then i used to speak to him but now he is not even speaking to me no i want him to give my share from his salary he has two children with my step mom and my mom had attempted suicide because they always had fights anyways she was in hospital for some 10 days after the attempt she gave statement to the police saying that he threw kerosene on her no one was at home except both of them i was on vacation so i was with my grand parents even after this my grand pa gave statement in his favour and he got freed but now i want him to financially give me some support my grand parents are well off but even then i want him to take his responsibility how could he pay a deaf ear to me .... please give me a legal advice will be able to get my share in his salary