My advocate had not argued facts while interrim arguement

My argument on interim maintenance was ok 1st time ,point raised 1 : my wife driven out by matrimonial house my Advocate Ask Where is the Proof 2. regarding her education beause She hided her education. I was satisfy at that time but Judge changed before the Order. The new Judge came and said for re-hearing.And my Advocate not raised point:1 My advocate wanted me for appeal in high court and I don't want go.As result same day Order passed by the new Judge. Sir My advocate had argued 1st time facts on interim maintenance 1 : He submiited Mumbai HighCourt judgement about desertion regarding she was not driven out by matrimonial house. There is not proof of it means she left by her own decesicion. This point is not said at the time of argument with new judge. After That my new Advocate given application for reconsideration Of the Order to Princilpe Judge & Other Judge to the new judge. But new judge told me to 1st clear all arrears and submit the proposal to me. otherwise ur cae will not go ahead. and my arear to much now and just because of that I don't want go for appeal therwise my arrear will go on increasing. Please give me some idea so that in my next date I will do as u what suggest.